B&B Country Meats Frostburg

B&B Country Meats Is a family owned and operated business, located in the mountains of Frostburg Maryland dedicated to providing the best quality custom cut to order fresh meats, grocery, and deli items. Specializing in a wide range of homemade meats and treats, freshly cooked daily lunch specials and catering. B&B’s homemade Engles Frostburg Style Mountain Bologna, Marinated Steaks, Seasoned Chicken, and Belly Buster Sandwiches have become world famous, and can only be found right here in Frostburg Md.

B&B Country Meats has been proudly serving Frostburg and beyond since 1981. We would like to sincerely thank all of our loyal customers and workers that we call family for the many years of support and friendship. To all the many new faces and visitors: Welcome to the family!! We love you and will always work for and appreciate YOU!

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We love their marinated chicken, their pin steaks, Italian sausage, and they have the best bologna. We have never been disappointed in anything we have purchased. Great customer service. We get up there as often as we can.

Pattie Conlon
Pattie Conlon31-05-2022

Me and my parents have been coming here for decades. I live near Baltimore now and I will drive to get their meets or have a friend bring me some if he heads my way.

Dale Rodevick
Dale Rodevick19-12-2019

I cannot say enough good things about B&B, I first came here in 92' ish. Been stopping by randomly since. We are over the road truckers now and whenever we are close we stop here. I always get treated like family. Staff is amazing and love them. The food is always 100% perfect. Aloha to everyone and Mahalo

Todd Hager
Todd Hager11-05-2020

I had a great experience yesterday at B&B meats. Staff was extremely helpful and Marinated Ribeyes are to die for!!

Great burger and home of the Belly Buster!!

Regina Spiker
Regina Spiker07-06-2020

Love bb meats. The country slab bacon, and homemade sausage to to die for. Nice selection in the deli, with tasty salads. A+

The marinated steaks are the best I’ve ever tasted.

Terrie Hardman
Terrie Hardman26-09-2020

Best place in Tri-State Area for Steaks and other B&B Specialities. And don't miss out on the Breakfast Sandwiches.

Jeff Neubauer
Jeff Neubauer27-05-2021

My boyfriend and I stop by the B & B our first time. We brought NY strip steak, baked bean and ham salad... We have for our dinner and the steak was best and as bean.. We try ham salad, boy it's was very delicious... We will go back there again...

Always fresh cut steaks chicken pork deli selections. Great meat best customer service and super helpful staff my favorite place for meats they are one of the last butcher shops!

Excellent service! Greatest selection! Everything grade A quality!

Donna Carter
Donna Carter20-04-2020

They have the best marinated steaks. And the other items I have tried are good. Just one thing the item they call cheese salad.should not be so pasty and flavorless. It should be creamer and the dressing should consist of mayo, mustard, sugar and just enough water to loosen it all up. And that's pimento cheese. Which is what they are actually making.


I buy all my meat here, they are the best buy far. Also ham and chicken salad as well as seafood potato, and macaroni . Try some of the horseradish cheddar and the bologna

Joseph Hughes
Joseph Hughes04-08-2020

Best place around for all you needs. Eastern Garrett proudly uses B & B for our monthly Spaghetti Dinner. Stop by and give Bernie a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Tim Clark
Tim Clark26-07-2019

Love the marinated steak & chicken! 😃

Been going here as a little girl and now keeping it a family tradition to the best place I know for bologna and all the yummy homemade goods ♥️ Love the family vibe at B&B Meats ♥️

Grace Pensyl
Grace Pensyl08-11-2019

Great food and friendly staff whom I have known practically all my life..I always try to throw business in their direction to support B&B

William Brant
William Brant09-12-2021

They are great in general, but we especially love their Wonder Beef for ease of entertaining with something everyone seems to love. Great staff!

Joan Bohnert
Joan Bohnert12-08-2021

Absolutely wonderful... The meats and cheeses are so fresh.. You have to try their sausage.."yummy" . The people that waited on me were absolutely wonderful respectful and courteous. You must try

Sharon Thompson
Sharon Thompson13-10-2019

Best chicken & steaks ever! I will not buy meat from anywhere else!

Fresh meat and other great tasting food.

Theresa Frenzel
Theresa Frenzel03-08-2020

Great selection of meats and extremely nice employees. I love going to this market, the food has always been high quality and absolutely delicious!!

Julie Thomas
Julie Thomas01-02-2020

Absolute best service ive ever recieve while in a meat market. The workers not only are wonderful people with the kindest souls they are also very motivated in their work and proud to be where they are.

Crista Griffith
Crista Griffith12-08-2021

I won’t buy meat from any place but B&B Meats. It’s fresh and the best tasting.

Beverly Schiver
Beverly Schiver29-10-2019

I had my mind blown by a breakfast sandwich at B & B Country Meats this morning. Believe me, I have eaten a lot of breakfast sandwiches in my day, but B & B's bacon egg & cheese sammy is what all other breakfast sandwiches of the world aspire to be when they grow up. The bacon-to-rest-of-sandwich ratio was well over 50%, and the bacon was cooked to the most perfect crisp. A million, billion times better than the wimpy, slimy 2 pieces of "maybe bacon" you get on your sandwich at McDonalds or Sheetz or any other chain restaurant (SUPPORT LOCAL!!!). I already loved B & B Meats before, but this sandwich has taken our relationship to the next level 🤤😍🤤

Bethany Fife
Bethany Fife08-06-2020

Very happy with service. Always helpful with questions. Good quality meat!

Amy Alyssa
Amy Alyssa14-11-2019

Awesome sandwiches! Great price!

Fantastic steaks at great prices

Shane Robertson
Shane Robertson11-07-2020

They have the best meat and bologna in the area

Brenda Shields
Brenda Shields29-01-2021

Amazing meat market!! My grown children ask for their meat package for Christmas! Their subs are also scrumptious!

Charlene Lennox
Charlene Lennox03-09-2019

Call in service and its ready when you arrive

Wanda Demoss
Wanda Demoss02-01-2021

Huge thank you to B&B for pickup the lunch tab for UPMC Western Maryland staff today!!! The food was AMAZING and it was very much appreciated! Thanks, you all are awesome 👏

Nick Oscanyan
Nick Oscanyan16-12-2020

Great meat. Excellent homemade bologna plain/spicy! Lovely and patient customer service

I remember going here many many years ago with my dad in his coal truck to get bologna sticks. I am still buying bologna sticks, amongst other items, these days. The Employees, Customer Service, Products, & Prices are The Best....HANDS DOWN!!!! Thank you, B & B Country Meats!!!!

Sandra Butler
Sandra Butler08-01-2022

Great food. Marinated pork chops are the best 👍⚡👍⚡

John Brant
John Brant29-09-2020

Now this place is a must go to!! Great sandwiches and the bologna is the best around. Well worth the trip to check it out.

Joseph Lewis Jr
Joseph Lewis Jr09-04-2021

Great quality and selection.

David Crawford
David Crawford01-07-2020

Great food and friendly staff whom I have known practically all my life..I always try to throw business in their direction to support B&B

William Brant
William Brant11-11-2021

Great Service, Selection, and Product! We drive all the way from Vienna, VA to get our meats!

I went for new York strip steaks, already marinated, if you have not tried them you are missing a treat. Tender and juicy with just the right amount of seasoning. Wonderful staff and fast service.