Deer Processing

We will butcher whole deer as long as the hides are removed.

We provide:

  • Cut up & grind burger (not wrapped)
  • Slicing deer hams or chops
  • Grinding boneless meat into burger
  • Deer baloney (made reg. med. or hot)
  • Deer sausage (made reg. or italian)
  • Deer jerky (ground and formed)
  • Deer fingers (slim jims)

*** All deer must have the hide removed ***

Helpful Hints

All deer meat should be picked up within 2 days of being notified.
You must bring in your yellow receipt in order to get your meat back.

Meat must be brought in free of dirt, hair, blood, and not be frozen in order to be processed. People who get jerky or fingers made should store it open to air (not all sealed up) and be kept cool, or frozen for extended shelf life. No deer meat will be processed without a check in tag. (DNR REQUIREMENT)

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